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Here you will find Handmade Jewelry and Unique Accessories for both your beloved female and male friends.

Unique Hand-made Accessories and Special Jewelry

One of the major reasons why we wear accessories and jewelry is to express our individuality, our style, our uniqueness. But how can we do that if the accessories and jewelry that we wear are just like everyone else’s?
If you’re looking for unique hand-made accessories with refined style and indubitable creativity, you’ve arrived at the right place.
Katerina Fedotova special jewelry and unique accessories are well known for their original designs and high quality workmanship. In our store, you can find one-of-a-kind designer jewelry pieces and high-quality accessories that are expertly handmade from leather and fabric.

Fashionable Leather Accessories

Besides being comfortable and durable, leather accessories are always a hot trend. They are always fashionable, have high demand, and instantly add finesse to your image.
Special leather rings and rare stylish brooches are guaranteed eye catchers. Original fabric and leather hair adornments, earrings, necklaces, and pendants draw attention sharply to your image no matter what else you’re wearing.

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Christmas bow with pine cones DIY

Christmas bow with pine cones

For Shabby chic Lovers other simple and cute DIY. It takes minimum time but the result is absolutely amazing and romantic. You can use it to decorate your Christmas tree or just hang it in the house. In Italy is very popular to decorate the tree with golden and red ribbon bows. I added to this idea small pine cones and it became even better!










You will need :

- Christmas ribbon

- 6 small pine cones

- glue

- seed beads (optional)

- piece of yarn about 20-30 cm

Make a bow, then glue 3 pine cones in the center. Decorate space between them with seed beads. Make a bow from the yarn and sew it on the back of the ribbon bow. Then glue remaining 3 pine cones.


Here is the result. Is it cute, isn't it? 

Crochet skirt upcycled from vintage crochet tablecloth

After success last summer of my wrap skirts made from crochet doilies and tableclothes I decided to repeat it this year. This Thursday I visited local flea market and bought 2 crochet tableclothes. Of course checked that they didn't have holes and without spots, then I sewn 2 new wrap skirt. 

Crochet skirt upcycled from vintage tablecloth is great replacement or those who can't afford to buy a real crochet skirt. Every skirt is unique, has satin ribbon ties on the waist. Use it for cover up your swimsuit - great to showcase a major trend this summer! Go seaside in style! It's delightfully soft, light and comfortable skirt. 



Please contact me for more information.


   Spring inspiration

 I have always been inspired by the nature. How about yourself? I can't say that one season I like more than others - each has its own beauty, its colors and charm.

Today I'll show you the spring in Southern Italy. I love it for the rave of colors of flowers in the fields, for the fresh wind, for still empty golden beaches, where you can see traces of the animals and birds on the sand... 

My latest collection of jewelery called Pastel Shades, and it is dedicated to the colors of the spring.






After Easter in Italy is traditionally a day off, which is all people carried out in the nature, picnics. We also went to a wonderful place called Porto Selvaggio, on the way we stopped at a place with beaches, surrounded by dunes Spiaggiabella.

 Thus, we begin the journey in the spring...

Footprints of birds on the sand...


The blue sea



The blue sky



Flowering peach tree


First delicate flowers under the olive trees








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